Dicom Test

All the DICOM tools within reach !

Dicom Test is an essential tool for those who want to make differents test involving the DICOM protocol.
All the functionnalities are listed below :

Download (2.2.0)


Search/Retreive pictures

First define your search criteria by a dicom dataset , for example if you want to retrieve only patients with a name starting by "D", your search criteria will begin by 10,10=*D. The mandatory values to do one search a already there you've just to adjust them.

Then the wanted values are retrieved from the server a displayed in a tree and then you can retrieve on or more dicom picture by selecting an item in the tree and see the retrieved item displayed in a second tree, choose one and you'll see its picture in a widget or its dataset.

Store pictures

You've many choices , you can open a file, a directory or a DICOMDIR file then analysed data is displayed in a tree and like described above you choose one item to store on the server.

DICOM Server

You can act like a DICOM server too, just type a port and a name for your server and start it. You can even use the client of the same executable to store on the server.

Worklist Server

To be described.


Decode/Encode your dicom pictures.


In the settings part you're able to create profiles for your differents DICOM servers then simply use it in the differents parts of the executable

It's also possible to set a different folder if you are in server mode or client mode for picture storage.

Display log at many levels

To better understand what happen during your different operations a log part is available and display everything you want at different levels like errors or warnings