Plugin Audio

Play/Record sound directly from 4D

Simple entry points to give the ability to manage audio files from any of your 4D application.

This plugin provide a multi-platform solution for adding audio support to your 4D products and without installation of any additionnal component neither on Windows or Mac

Download (1.2.0)



Buy by adding to the cart, either the version for one site deployment for 150€, or the version for unlimited deployment for 750€. Both include updates and support for one year. A license file will be sent by email as soon as payment is done.

Main feautres

Beside the standard play features (play,pause,stop), the plugin enables to get file duration, read or change the position in file and modify play speed. For record, the basic features (record,stop) are availables.

Supported formats

Without any installation of additionnal component, the plugin enables to play Wav, Ogg, Flac or Speex formats. Under record, only the Wav format is today supported.


Beside play/record features, the plugin give the ability to transcode files from Wav to Ogg and vice versa.
So you may compress your existing files or your records, in order to optimise your storage.

Test database

To quickly test the plugin and have a real code sample, we provide a sample database beside the plugin.