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Thanks to our experience in multi-platform development, we can quickly  answer to any devlopment request.


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Multi-platform development

You need:

  • a specific devlopment for a product or a customer
  • an additionnal functionnality to an exisiting product.

  We can help you quicly and effectively. Thanks to Qt library we are using now for many years and we known very weel, we are able to wuickly answer to any of your development request whatever is your targeting system (windows, mac, linux, android et ios).

4D plugins development

You want to add a missing functionnality to your 4D application, ask us.


With a strong experience in 4D plugin development  (more than 15 plugins developed for our customers) and thanks to our  integration of Qt in 4D environment, we are able to quickly develop 4D plugin for your specific need.

Our team of engineer and Phd has expertise in many domains :

  • Signal and image processing
  • Data exchange : TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTP, FTP, HTTP, Soap....
  • Specific medical standard : HL7, DICOM...
  • ....

Our own libraries give us the ability to quickly manage many features:

  • Data exchange : HTTP server, Soap client
  • Specific libraries: client server MLLP (HL7), DICOM library (storage, query/retrieve, viewer, structured document)...
  • Standard libraries: PDF files management, audio library (play/record), generate/read Datamatrix, image management, email management (pop,imap, mapi), character recognition, lexer/parser, service management (windows, linux, mac), multi-platform setup (windows linux, mac.....)
  • ....