Redmine Client

Performance and usability

You tasks list visible in one clic. A simple and precise time tracking.
Fed up with the boring time tracking sheet filled up at the end of day or end of week. Beside the ability to show you the list of you tasks, Redmine client is the perfect tool for time tracking.

Download (1.3.19) (02/11/2017)


Use pro version functionnalities for only 10€ per workstation per year. Buy by adding to the cart. A license file will be sent by email as soon as payment is done.

Integrated to your desktop

With an efficient integration to your desktop (windows,linux, mac), you can access it in one click. 

Tasks List

For each task, all informations are visibles. Direct links (tasks, project..) enable to access the redmine web page in one click.  

Time tracking in one click

Start, Pause and Stop time tracking on a task becomes like a game.

Filter, sort as you need

Filter and sort tasks according to many criteria : task type, priority, status, starting date ....

Create new tasks

Create new tasks assigned to you or any colleage with a simple dialog enabling to modify any information including custom fields.

Edit tasks

Modify in real time any information in your tasks, including custom fields.

Changelog generation

Generate the changelog of a product or a version in 10 seconds through the management dialog.


Use the gantt diagram to modify start and end time easily.